Capsiplex In-Depth Review

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What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a fat burning supplement that helps people easily and almost effortlessly reach their weight loss goals.

With its clinically tried and medically substantiated formula, including powerful  lipolytic Capsicum, the diet pill is an indispensable, key factor for proper and effective weight loss.

Capsiplex helps you curb your appetite and boost your metabolism,which in turn translate in reduced body fat and increased calorie burning, culminating with weight loss.

Capsiplex is 100% natural and thus safe to use. The main ingredient in it is a red hot pepper extract called Capsicum is integrated in a patented matrix so that you don’t experience any stomach discomfort, just weight loss.

general results with capsiples pills

Original Fat Burner

There are currently two Capsiplex “versions” avaliable – the original Capsiplex supplement is exclusively aimed at burning your calories by making your body increase thermogenesis (production of heat).

Capsiplex makes weight loss much easier as you won’t have to worry about extreme physical activities to burn more calories, as well as feeling hungry (and tempted to sabotage your diet).

The Capsiplex helps burn more fat and curbs appetite cravings thanks to its powerful ingredients (Capsicum, Potassium Citrate, Methylcelluose, Chromium and L-Carnitine).

It also stabilizes sugar levels so hunger pangs become more scarce. Capsiplex then is how dieters are able to unfailingly follow a low-calorie diet that’s hunger-free.

Capsiplex Plus

capsiplex plus

Capsiplex Plus is original formula updated with 5-HTP and Bioperine – more energy while losing weight

This is the enhanced Capsiplex version added to the Capsiplex family in 2011. Capsiplex Plus is nothing but the same original forumula, enhanced with 5-HTP for further energy increasing and mood enhancement. Capsiplex Plus includes apart from Capsicum, 5-HTP too. 5-HTP considerably boosts metabolism, induces satiety and enhances one’s mood through its anxiolytic properties.

You can either opt-in for original Capsiplex fat burner and appetite suppressant, or simpy pick the Capsiplex Plus, as it incorporates fat burning and appetite suppression effects in 1 pack.

With Capsiplex Plus, people find it easier to stay on track and never lose sight of their weight loss goals, simply because Capsiplex Plus is responsible for keeping their serotonin levels up.

According to the manufacturers,  now with added 5-HTP and Bioperine, efficiency of Capsiplex is exponentially increased and ensured.

How Capsiplex work?

ingredientsCapsiplex as a powerful fat-burning supplement helps dieters achieve their goals faster and painlessly. The efficiency of Capsiplex lies in the patented fat-burning formula consisting of:

Capsicum extract

Extracted from red hot peppers, Capsicum extract is the main ingredient in Capsiplex, responsible for increasing fat metabolism.

Capsicum naturally boost thermogenesis; the body’s ability to use fat as energy. In plain language, when one consumes this pill, one’s body is urged to prevent fat from being stored in the body and be used instead as energy fuel.

A plethora of studies over the last 25 years have been extensively researching the lipolytic and apettite suppressing properties of Capsicum. Characteristically, Capsiplex is said to burn up to 280 calories before, during and after one is exercising.


Derived from black pepper, this extract’s work is to make the other contributing ingredients available, enhancing thus the overall effectiveness of the supplement. What’s more, “piperine possesses potential fat reducing and lipid lowering effects” according to this study.

Niacin and Caffeine

These are also present in the supplement. Whilst Niacin helps in cholesterol reduction and detoxification, caffeine contributes in the speeding up of fat metabolism without the nasty side effects- as the amount of caffeine is insufficient for causing any.

Side Effects and Safety

Capsiplex is completely safe to use as it is exclusively made of natural ingredients. However, consulting a physician prior to consuming Capsiplex is recommended if you’re pregnant or have any health condition that can possibly be disturbed by this pill.

Capsicum and Stomach Irritation

Capsiplex contains a large amount of Capsicum that if it were to be taken through food it would cause serious stomach disturbance. However, the pill uses an advanced beadlet desing that optimizes minimizes discomfort.

capsiplex causules

Apart from all other chili pepper pills available on the market, only Capsiplex offers a safe beadlet design protecting the intestines from the irritation

This means that even people with stomach conditions might be able to take Capsiplex without any serious side effects. Again, doctor consultation is highly recommended.

Whilst no side effects are to be expected, some users do experience mild symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea,  heartburn and constipation. Only, a limited number of users actually experience some, if any of these side effects, so there’s really no point worrying about putting your health at risk.

Taking Capsiplex

Capsiplex asserts that it can help you burn up to 280 more calories when taken as part of one’s diet.

Ideally, you  can take it in the morning, or about an hour before your exercising routine, if there’s one. Proper use of Capsiplex along with a healthy, non-sedentary lifestyle can almost ensure that you will lose up to 2kg the first week, and less per week as you go on.

Capsiplex is not a panache, expecting to lose weight whilst on a junk-food diet will certainly not work. Common sense steps such as mild exercising, avoidance of processed food and fat-laden meals are encouraged for better results.

As it has already been noted, taking Capsiplex with Capsiplex Appetite Suppressant you’re a step ahead of those solely relying on Capsiplex for weight loss.

Results to expect

According to the official website, people taking Capsiplex burn 3 times more calories prior to exercising, and 12 times more calories post-workout.

Capsiplex is a supplement hotly endorsed by celebrities who’ve used it. Happy, slimmer celebrities include UK stars Roxanne Pallett and Nicola McLean.

In point of illustration, Nicola Mclean lost most of her baby weight with Capsiplex. In addition, Roxanne Pallett also claims to have dropped a size and  longer have to struggle to fit into her jeans, feeling confident (again) about her body image as well. Watch the full-length interview below:

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It is highly advised that if you’re interested in purchasing Capsiplex to do so only through the product’s official website. Currently the Internet is full of scam selling counterfeight copies. Up to this moment, the only safe and secure online purchase retailer is Bauer Nutrition Store.

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