The Unknown Effects of Capsicum Extract on Weight Loss

 What is capsicum and how is it related to chili peppers?

capsicum for weight lossThe capsicum extract is called capsaicin, which is the main component found in chili peppers and it is also the ingredient that makes chilies so irritant for humans and that causes that burning sensation when eaten.

Although this component has been around for almost two centuries and is used in a variety of industries (it can even be found in pepper sprays), just until recently have scientists discovered that capsaicin is great when it comes to burning fats and reducing appetite. And so the capsicum weight loss effect was discovered – all it was left was to develop a method of ingesting the component without harming any tissue.

A pill seemed to be the best solution, and the final product is called Capsiplex, a red pill based on natural products, consisting of several layers that work magic on weight loss.

Capsiacin is the killer, fat is the victim

The chili pepper is full of capsiacin, which, although it was naturally developed to keep animals and other dangers away from the plant, now is used in the form of a pill to reduce weight.

A small amount of this component taken daily represents one of the most efficient weight loss solutions seen in years, and, thanks to the ingenuity of its developers, it does not taste bad or spicy.

The main advantage of such a diet is that it reduces appetite and the body starts losing weight after a couple of days. It can be said that, when it comes to capsaicin, fat is its main victim, as it keeps it away from the body.

The capsicum weight loss effect is simple and harmless

When following a Capsiplex diet, what happens is that the stomach will no longer feel the need for food – not more than the body actually requires to function properly. This is great news, as it is known that eating just a few more calories than required can result in a lot of weight gain in no more than a year.

Capsiplex, the pills based on capsicum extract, are so intelligent that they make the human body realize that it has eaten enough and no more is needed, so one can say goodbye to eating due to boredome.

 Worried about the capsicum side effects? There is no reason to worry

In its natural form, the capsicum extract can be harmful because it is very concentrated and spicy, which means it cannot be ingested, because it would cause a burning sensation; but, when used in the form of a pill and rapped around several protective layers, this extract can work miracles.

A Capsiplex pill or any other similar supplement does not cause any side effects to healthy users. For those who are under treatment or pregnant, a medical check-up is advised prior to starting the diet.

A capsiacin diet is more than enough when it comes to weight loss, so, the next time you need to shed some extra pounds, buy capsicum supplements and you will see how everything becomes much easier.

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  1. ann maddison says:

    I started taking capsiplex on january2012, so far from my weigh in today ive lost 7 stone 9lb!gone from a size 28 to size 16 x Im so impressed with these tablets! Thankyou x

    • grand says:

      Hi Ann!

      Congrats on having positive effect with Capsiplex! Wishing you achieve your target weight goals and get even healthier!

      Kind regards,


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