Does Capsiplex Work?

Is Capsiplex Any Good or It’s Another Slimming Hype?

Often the people who try to lose weight are emotionally vulnerable and no matter how despicable this might be, scammers would guiltlessly take advantage of it to sell  their ineffective and expensive ‘powders’ .

That is why people need to carefully research a product before even considering buying it. Especially now when money should spend wisely and guardedly their money. Inevitably comes the question: Does Capsiplex really work? How is one to really know?

Well for one thing, there are studies and research to look into.

Capsiplex is a pro-slimming supplement said to increase metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories than it would normally burn.

According to the official Capsiplex webpage, Capsiplex has been researched and these were the results for the participants taking Capsiplex:

  • They burn 3 times more calories before exercising
  • 3% more calories during exercising
  • 12 times more calories for up-to one hour after exercise
  • With an average cumulative total of 278 more calories burned before, during and after exercise.

Capsiplex manufacturers extensively researched Capsiplex to ensure that the claims being made are well-grounded.

In one study participants took 500mg of Capsiplex for 8 days, in another,  6 participants took 1g of Capsiplex for 8 days and in yet another study the subjects took 100mg of Capsiplex for 8 days.

These studies seek to evaluate Capsanoids effectiveness in boosting one’s metabolic rate and decreasing appetite. The cumulative results as these are published here illustrate that Capsiplex was well tolerated by the subjects and the subjects’ metabolic rate increased significantly.

University of Oklahoma Clinical Trial

During this double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study, 25 people took part in order for researchers to check Capsiplex efficiency.

The subjects were screened during the following:

A resting phase 30 minutes before taking Capsiplex. A prior-exercising phase an hour before exercising, during actual mild exercising and 50 minute post-exercising. The results indicated:

  “that when the subjects took Capsiplex™, they burned 3-times more calories before exercise 3% more calories during, and 12 times more calories for up to one hour after exercise compared to when they took placebo.”

These results are indeed promising and demonstrate that Capsiplex might promote weight loss through metabolic rate increase. However the duration and number of participants were conspicuously insufficient. So are there any independent studies on Capsiplex ingredients?

For a clear picture of Capsiplex’s efficiency is urgent that one looks at what Capsiplex contains.

Capsiplex and Capsicum

The main active ingredient in Capsiplex is the Capsicum extract from red spicy peppers. Where now Capsiplex ascribes its lipolytic function is Capsaicin, the main component of Capsicum.

A 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition asserted:

“Treatment with 6 mg/d capsinoids orally appeared to be safe and was associated with abdominal fat loss. Capsinoid ingestion was associated with an increase in fat oxidation that was nearly significant”.

Another two-study research also concluded affirmatively on Capsicum’s effectiveness on appetite control:

“the ingestion of red pepper decreases appetite and subsequent protein and fat intakes”

This study also found that a mixture of natural compounds including Capsicum had a positive effect, namely:

“[it]accelerates the rate of body fat loss and helps maintain fat-free mass (lean tissue), thereby producing favorable changes in body composition.”

This recent clinical trial researching capsaicin and green tea found that:

“ Bioactive ingredients may therefore be helpful in reducing energy intake and might support weight loss periods by relatively sustaining satiety and suppressing hunger.”

A Maastricht University study found that:

“capsaicin treatment caused sustained fat oxidation during weight maintenance compared with placebo. However, capsaicin treatment has no limiting effect on 3-month weight regain after modest weight loss.”

The aforementioned studies illustrate that Capsaicin and Capsicum are effective in appetite suppression, fat burning and metabolic increase.

However, it should be noted that Capsiplex doesn’t provide an ingredients table so that one can easily verify Capsiplex effectiveness on weight loss. Assuming nonetheless that Capsiplex contains a sufficient amount of Capsicum, then its claims might as well hold water.

Given the above evidence Capsiplex does work viagra. For anyone seeking extra evidence, perhaps personal reviews from anyone who has tried Capsiplex might be enlightening.

For more information on Capsiplex and studies on its ingredients you can visit Capsiplex official website and even place an order too.