How Much Weight Can You Lose With Capsiplex?

The amount of weight that you can lose with Capsiplex only depends on how you use it.  Thanks to the main ingredient –Capsicum Extract – this little capsule will help your body burn 279 more calories every day.  If you take this supplement for an entire year, that equals 25 pounds without even getting off the couch.

But that is not all.  This supplement does more than just help you burn more calories.  It also helps you to eat less.  This can result in even more weight lost.  The appetite suppressant properties of Capsicum Extract leave you less hungry in between meals.  This means you are consuming fewer calories while burning more.

How To Use Capsiplex To Lose Weight

This little red pill works wonders for people trying to lose weight.  Combine it with a low calorie diet and regular exercise, and you will see the pounds melt away faster than you have ever imagined.

capsiplex weight loss resultsThe fat burning and metabolism boosting properties of Capsicum Extract will help your body to burn up to 279 extra calories a day.  Over the course of a year, that is a weight difference of 25 pounds

To determine how much weight you can lose, you need also to assess your current diet.  If you have gained 25 pounds this year, that means you consumed 279 more calories than you burned every day.  So, just to maintain your current weight, you need to cut those 279 calories out of your diet.

The appetite suppressant properties in Capsicum Extract can help you decrease your caloric intake by reducing your hunger, doubling its effectiveness.  Just by eliminating your hunger cravings between meals, you can easily cut that additional 279 calories a day.

You might be surprised how much your appetite has affected your weight gain.  If you are constantly snacking throughout the day, you are packing away more calories than your body needs.  Those calories get stored as fat.

Start a journal, write down what you are snacking on, and calculate the excess calories.  The number will probably be much more than 279 calories.

Using Capsiplex With Diet And Exercise

With a proper diet and regular exercise, an average person can safely lose 1-2 pounds a week. That is 52 pounds in one year.  Add the 25 pounds you can lose with Capsiplex and you can expect to lose almost 130 pounds in one year.

These results are not unrealistic.  Many people give up on their weight loss goals, or don’t even try, because the ultimate goal seems unattainable.

Consider where you were one year ago and look at yourself now.  Imagine yourself 130 pounds thinner. That is what you would weigh if you had started exactly one year ago today.

You have to start some time, and there will never be a better time than right now.  Capsicum Extract has the ability to boost your metabolism and suppress your hunger cravings.  Complement that with a proper diet and regular exercise, and you will be ecstatic at the results.  Picture yourself 130 pounds lighter.  Looks good, doesn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for?  Start taking Capsiplex along with a low calorie diet and regular exercise, and have the body you dream of.

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